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Andre Berto, professional boxer

One of the few Haitian-American boxing champions, Andre Berto has had a variety of titles that he has won easily and with a great fight where he has always shown how mighty a fighter he can be. He was the welterweight champion in 2008 where he had beaten the then champion Miguel Rodriguez. He had then dropped the title after a unanimous decision to Victor Ortiz.

Andre then bounced back into the fights where he beat Jan Zaveck in the IBF welterweight champion. He kept the title for a while then dropped it and went towards other goals in his life. He has had a great professional career as a boxer where he has seen various winnings which are more than the losses he has had by almost a quarter.

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Antoine Craan, Professional soccer player

Antoine Craan was born in Port au prince on the eve of January 17, 1931. He relocated to Canada at the age of 24 years to play professional soccer for Le Tricolore de Montreal in the province of Quebec. He made history by being one of the two black players in the region. He then went on to work in the Ligue de Soccer Minuer in the 1960s. He continued to ascend the career ladder when he became the technical director of Federation de Soccer du Quebec, which recognized his contribution to soccer and embedded his name in its soccer hall of fame in 2001.

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At the Olympic 2012 in London, Samyr Laine carries the Haitian Flag High

Finishing in 6th position in the men's triple jump, in group A on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Samyr Laine with a triple jump of 16.81 meters his personal best is 17.39 meters and his best jump for the season 16.88 meters. Samyr Laine is now qualified for the final of Triple Jump.

He is currently 15th in the world rankings in the triple jump. Haiti has never been represented at this level since Sylvio Cator won a silver medal in the long jump in the 1928 Summer Olympic.

This is a declaration by Samyr Laine after his successful jump at the Olympic:

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Yonkers icon Jim Bostic and Bill Clinton to revive Haiti basketball

In Haiti, sports play an important role in nation building and country pride, most especially soccer. In hopes of uplifting the spirit of Haitians after the earthquake, former NBA player and Yonkers icon Jim Bostic and former U.S. President Bill Clinton are now trying to revive basketball in the country. Sports are one of the most significant human activities in the world. Almost every individual and nation anticipates for such events and tries to excel in different fields.

The pair teamed up after a chance meeting at a Haitian hotel they were both staying at. Clinton is currently working on his projects for Haiti through his foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation. Bostic, on the other hand, has been involved in several missions in the country since the earthquake.

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Marlena Wesh represents Haiti at Olympic games in London - 2012

Haiti struggles on many fronts to raise its profile on the world stage. Progress is happening, but one area that needs funding to achieve recognition is the development of native-born Haitian athletes. At this year's 2012 Olympic London games, four Haitian-Americans are competing for gold. The fifth Olympian, Haiti's only native-born competitor, is 21 year-old Linouse Desravine, competing in the Judoka Event.

One of the barriers to developing Olympic-level athletes from Haiti, is the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of earthquake refugees found shelter at three of Haiti's running tracks. Another problem is the budget. The U.S. Olympic Committee budget is a whopping $170 million, 300% more than Haiti's, a mere $400,000.

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Linouse Desravines Dreams of Gold

One of the most promising and rising young judokas today is Haitian Linouse Desravines. The 21-year-old is the only judoka to have qualified for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics this July. This is very remarkable for her young age and her judo training of just four years. Desravines currently ranks number 28 in the world in her weight class, weighing around 52 kilograms. In addition, she has also been named Haiti's Athlete of the Year last 2011.

Linouse Desravines was introduced to judo in 2008 by her brother who was a national judo champion. After only a few years of training, she has been able to win several nation and international judo tournaments such as the bronze title in the Pan American Games in 2011 which was held in Guadalajara.

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Marleine Wesh to represent Haiti in 2012 Olympics in London

Marleine Wesh has been confirmed to participate in the Summer Olympic which is going to start on July 27, 2007 in London. Ex-Landstown sprinter Marline will compete in 400 meters for Haiti. The Haitian-American has recently been in tremendous form in track which earned her spot in the Olympic team. In ACC Outdoor Championship in last month, she won in 400 meters and placed second in 200 meters. Having qualified for the NCAA Championships next month, Wesh has a high hope to challenge for a tittle in 400 meters.

Marleine Wesh will be accompanied by four other Haitian athletes who also have booked their place in the London Olympics. Linouse Desravines is the only Haitian to compete in Judo whereas Jeffrey Julmis will participate in 110 m/hurdles, Samyr Laine in triple jump and Moise Joseph in 800 meters.

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Haiti - U17 Football team Grenadiers beat Saint Lucia

One of the most memorable days for the under 17 years team of the Haitian national team is definitely when they beat the famous giants of Saint Lucia. This was a one time occurrence but the most famous and memorable to all football fans and players in Haiti. They were able to easily make a 3-0 win over the famous football giants a fact which did go down history as one of the few reasons why everyone should believe totally in the ability of the team to become one of the best teams in the near future. It acted as a means to prove that in the near future the team which is to replace the current national team will be a force to reckon with and that it is one of the youngest and most energetic team to watch out for.

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Jonathan Vilma, Linebacker, open Academy for Peace and Justice School in Haiti

New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma, recently opened an academy in Haiti which is known as the Jonathan Vilma Foundation. This institution is meant to enable all the children around the region get an education where he is able to provide most of the basic needs for these kids without much hassle on their part. This is because he is providing them with everything they need including an all paid for education. He raised $50,000 for this project and says that so for everything is working out just fine with everything intended being in place.

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Brazil defeat in soccer game caused a Haitian to kill himself

The Haitian Joudalist is sad to report that an 18 year old Haitian fan of the Brazilian soccer team has killed himself, following the victory of Holland over Brazil in the world Cup 2010 in South Africa.

According to the AFP news report, The lost and elimination of Brazil from the World Cup affected the Haitian boy so much that he leaped in front of an incoming car, killing himself.

The Haitian suicide was not the only recorded in this current World Cup. The Haitian Joudalist also learned that a 23 year old man in India hanged himself after being verbally harassed after the team Argentine won over the Mexican team.

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