SOS Children's Village Les Cayes

A staggering number of children were left not only homeless, but also parentless following the massive earthquake of 2010. Five years on, the SOS Children's Village in Les Cayes continues to provide a place for these motherless and fatherless children. To be correct, the foundation has provided now three such places in the southern region. The new village was built to house and support as many as 135 children and consists of private family homes equipped for 14 SOS families, plus a house for SOS's 13 "aunts," who give assistance to the mothers to care for the children.


Made possible by the funds donation by various donors, many being members of the SOS Children's Village association in Germany, France, the United States, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and the Netherlands, their aid allows for the children's villages to be staffed with social workers, a child development assistant, two family facilitators, a village director, and an administrative secretary.

Their donations have also allowed for the building of eight schools, allowing the program, which started as an emergency program following the 2010 earthquake, to have a hand in bolstering the education system in Haiti.

The village's International COO, Hanne Rasmussen, stated that this new village shows the foundation's commitment to Haiti's development, going strong after nearly five years in operation. The SOS Children's Villages also gives support to programs to strengthen families, supports community centers, and supports centers for vocational training. All this is done through their operations out of the cities of Cap-Haitien, Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes.

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