The Reason Behind Haiti's Expensive Internet Services

The internet industry in Haiti has yet to boom as many people are still unable to afford such services. Though the market has shown a lot of potential and advantages, Internet service providers must exert more efforts and initiatives to provide Internet connection at a more affordable price.


Most antennas that transmit signal for Internet connection in Haiti are located on a hill above Port-au-Prince. These antennas and transmitter cram the area, as Internet companies are forced to build their own towers. Unlike in other countries such as the United States, Haiti could still not allow tower-sharing, wherein multiple companies share a single internet infrastructure. The said infrastructure is operated by a third-party company. This makes it easier, cheaper and more efficient for service providers to operate their business. However, Haiti's telecommunication law, which has not been updated for 35 years, makes it impossible for companies to do the same in the country.

Without a wired infrastructure like in other countries, companies in Haiti will have to put up their own towers in the same spots in mountains. They have to use generators to power up each station and this makes it more expensive and harmful to the environment. Given this, companies have no other choice but to increase the price of their services in order to cover their production cost. Access Haiti recalled that it used to offer a wireless connection for a fee of $1,200 in 1999.

Currently, there are more Internet companies operating in the country and this created a healthy competition. This means that companies are striving harder to offer affordable and efficient products to customers, allowing more people to access the Internet and be educated about it.

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