Common Targets Of Kidnappers In Haiti

Kidnapping cases in Haiti are high. As a matter of fact, the Caribbean nation has been considered one of the world's kidnapping capitals. Victims are not mainly targeted based on their profession, age, gender or social class.


Haiti kidnapping

According to a report by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, everyone in Haiti is at risk of getting kidnapped. Just because a person is poor or unpopular does not mean that he/she would never be a victim.

In fact, some reports noted that most victims are poor because wealthy people often have a security team to protect them and ensure their safety. However, other reports stated that kidnappers are more likely to set their sights on rich people and those who look like they have money to pay for ransom.

Foreigners are also a target of kidnappers. France's Department of Foreign and European Affairs have once reported that foreigners account for 10% of the total number of kidnapping victims.

Kidnappers are also believed to be prowling around high-class neighborhoods such as Thomassin and Pelerin. Moreover, they are not afraid to break in homes to carry out kidnappings. Some criminals also commit vehicle thefts while abducting their victims. There is an incident in 2010 wherein armed bandits reportedly blocked a car with seven passengers and then abducted them.

Though it is believed that kidnapping cases are generally done as an act of crime, there are instances when they are involved in politics. There are kidnapping cases that are considered political killings. Given the situation, the authorities are taking steps to curb down such crimes.

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