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Journalist Jefferson Michel Casseus died in accident in Merge

We learned over the weekend that the popular journalist from Television National d'Haiti, (TNH) passed away. It was reported that Jefferson Michel Casseus died following a car accident in the region of Merger, Haiti.

The accident took place last Sunday. We are at this time collecting more information on the accident and will be providing these additional information momentarily.

As per news dated, August 31, 2015, two journalists Jefferson Michel Casseus (35) from the National Television of Haiti (TNH) and Jhonson Baptiste (25), a contributing editor of Daily Le Nouvelliste, both died in a violent head-on car collision on the previous evening (17:30 hrs) on National Road No: 2 in Merger (south of Port-au-Prince). Two more people have died in the same accident. Two journalists, along with one woman were travelling in a green Suzuki car--they all died. Baptiste died on the spot while Casseus was seriously injured; he was initially taken to the 'Doctors Without Borders Hospital' in Carrefour, but was later shifted to the Hospital of the 'State University of Haiti' (HUEH) where the doctors were on strike, he was left unattended for almost two hours and died. His final words were "I am choking". The other car to the accident was a Honda Accord, damaged to a lesser extent, was carrying back four people from the beach.

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Car Accident in front of Television National (TN), over 20 dead and 50 injured

We just learned a terrible accident happened in Port-au-Prince yesterday, January 16, 2012. This took place in Delmas 33 in front of Television National D'Haiti (TNH).

A truck transporting sands, unable to find its break, took the live of many people as it was going down the hill. The truck finally stopped in front of the Television National D'Haiti. As the truck was going down, it took everything that was in its path, including people who were selling inthe streets.

Preliminary results put the total number of people who died so far at 20 and the toll is expected to go up. Over 50. People are reported injured Update: as of Tuesdat, 5:00pm the number of dead is 33 and is expected to rise

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Television Nationale d'Haiti Reporters Fired for Political Views

Television Nationale d'Haiti (TNH) Director General Pradel Henriquez brought suit against three of the station's broadcast journalists on April 8, 2011. Josias Pierre, Jacques Innocent, and Eddy Jackson Alexis were accused of "grave insubordination" towards Henriquez, who also alleged they were allowing political biases to interfere with their reporting.

Reporters without Borders (RWB) have denounced Henrique's action, demanding "their immediate reinstatement". RWB contends Pierre, Innocent, and Alexis were terminated because of their criticism towards then-President-Elect Michel Martelly.

The TNH reporters claim Henriquez ordered them to give presidential candidate Martelly three-quarters of an hour air time to 10 minutes for his opponent, Manigat. If Manigat received 20 minutes of air time, that meant an hour and a half for Martelly. Even more outrageous, Henriquez approved complete coverage of a Martelly music event with a post-concert meet-and-greet with him, lasting several hours. Henriquez gave no air time to Manigat.

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