Haiti's garment and apparel industry, U.S. trade preference

Haiti is known for several industries in the global market, especially in terms of agriculture and tourism. But only a few know of the country's garment and apparel industry which is slowly growing with the help of the United States government.


The U.S. government has recently launched a U.S. trade preference with Haiti in order to promote the country's apparel industry. Haiti was able to export about 18 million dollars' worth of apparel to the United States on a duty-free provision for most of 2012, a highly significant increase as compared to previous trades years back. According to the U.S. Government's Accountability Office in a recent report, local apparel firms in Haiti have been receiving more credits which can be received through utilizing U.S.-made fabric and other related materials in exchange with the United States being granted with duty-free trade preferences.

Haiti has tried in the past to strengthen and boost the country's apparel industry by hiring more than 100,000 individuals but failed to do so amidst the political turmoil and the poor economy during the 1980s and the 1990s. Then the 2010 earthquake occurred, interrupting apparel production and damaging factories, but was fortunately restored after only a few months. After the earthquake, the U.S. government was able to invest 300 million dollars to Haiti's industrial facilities in order to provide thousands of job opportunities to Haitians who have been left homeless and jobless by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake. This partnership will hopefully be able to ensure the growth of Haiti's economy in the next years to come.

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