Haiti Back in Tourism industry with big billboard on I-95 Interstate in Miami

Can you believe this? People in Miami are talking about Haiti but not mentioning problem of post-quake recovery effort, tents or cholera. They are not talking about Haiti's government still being disorganized or involved in the latest corruption in date either. Haiti is advertizing its beautiful beaches and sun, inviting tourists to come and "Live the experience. Seize the Opportunities"


The imposing billboard is located east of Interstate 95 and 79th Street. The Haiti's Ministry of Tourism and Haiti consulate in Miami put up this billboard to bring tourism and business back to the country.

The target audience for now is the Haitian Diaspora living in South Florida.

There have bee a lot of efforts already made in the tourist industry in Haiti in an effort to bring the tourism industry back. Multiple large hotel chains are currently in construction, including Comfort Inn, Best Western, Marriott and The Oasis hotel complex.

In the 1940s and 50s, during the period of tourism boom in Haiti, the Island was called "the Pearl of the Antilles". After Francois Duvalier took power, tourism in Haiti experienced a decrease. In the 1970's, during Jean Claude Duvalier reign, there was an effort to revive it again. The last blow to the tourism industry in Haiti by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

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Elsie says...

A+ for this good news however, I must say for a country to start advertising for tourist kinds of lack understanding of the Basic human needs.

We are not prepare for this kind of activity.

What we need right now get our feet back to went Our be loving country used to be "HAITI LA PEARL DES ANTILLES".

We need qualities of life such as road, school, sanitation, sewer, agriculture, light, job, hospital, housing and lastly EDUCATION so we can have less illiterate young and old....

This is my my

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Carlo Pierre says...

Thank you Heavenly Father for the Haitian Government that we have by now, for the wonderful Initiative that the Tourism Minister with the consulate in miami did by Advertising the Haitian tourism.

I know the Haitian Consulate in France either Canada will follow this Example.May this ACT Will be a contagious virus to Worldwide, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST

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