Non stop flights between Orlando and Port-au-Prince likely in the near future

Many of you may t be aware of this; however there will be a boom in the tourism industry in Haiti. The important players want to get into the act. The latest is Florida Orlando International Airport as the just announced that they are exploring the possibility of offering direct flights to Port-au-Prince.


Orlando is one of the major metropolitan areas where Haitian immigrants reside in the United states, beside the greater Miami, New York, Boston, and Atlanta areas. These five cities account for nearly three-quarters of the total number of Haitians living in the United States.

The airport has been conducting a survey, asking the Haitian community in the area as well as those likely to use the service to give their opinion on the possibility for the airport to offer direct flight to Port-au-Prince.

I also want to remind you also that this is a real indicator or business opportunity. Unlike having the Haitian government putting expensive banners all over the world saying that the country is open for business, this is what really creates business opportunities.

I think this is a very good area to invest in at this time in Haiti.

I can say in all certainty that Haiti is open for tourists.

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Jose Pierre says...

Have you ever wondered why so many Hotel rooms in Port-au-Prince suddenly?

From Marriot to Oasis, from Caribe Convention Center to a new Hilton Hotel that is expected to be open next year, how will they manage to find so many visitors to fill them.

Even more importantly, these Hotel rooms are not expensive.

I will take the liberty to say that these hotel rooms were not built with the average Haitian in mind. These high end hotel room are built with the expectation that they will be occupied by people with deep pocket.

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Lalo Baptiste says...

It is estimated that approximately 4,000 Haitians are living in the Orlando area. The Haitian community would benefit greatly if there is a direct flight between Orlando and Haiti.

In addition, as Haiti is increasing the number of tourist wo are visiting the island, this would be a very good thing to target a area like Orlando which receives millions of tourists annually.

I will encourage the Haitian tourist Minister to put her weights in this as well to make a flight between Orlando and Port-au-Prince a

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Jackson Alexis says...

The Haitian community has an opportunity in his hands which is no other than the tourism industry.

This is the only industry where only minor investments need to be done in order to put it in place.

Just like Jamaica, Dominican Republic and others, we already have the sun, we have beautiful beaches.

Better than the rest of the Caribbean, we have a vivid culture with exotic and interesting ways of living.

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Subject: Non stop flights between Orlando and Port-au-Prince likely in the near future edit

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