Non stop flights between Orlando and Port-au-Prince likely in the near future

Jose Pierre - March 23 2015, 7:49 AM

Have you ever wondered why so many Hotel rooms in Port-au-Prince suddenly?

From Marriot to Oasis, from Caribe Convention Center to a new Hilton Hotel that is expected to be open next year, how will they manage to find so many visitors to fill them.

Even more importantly, these Hotel rooms are not expensive.

I will take the liberty to say that these hotel rooms were not built with the average Haitian in mind. These high end hotel room are built with the expectation that they will be occupied by people with deep pocket.

Is there something that I don't know about what has been planned for Haiti?

There is one thing that I am pretty sure of. Business people do not make business decisions with emotion.

These people tend to invest lots of money with only one objective, to make a lot more

I need some light in the plan for Haiti and the reasons all these hotel rooms are being built in this very poor country, with a political environment that has been very unstable and in a country with so many natural as well as man made risks

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Non stop flights between Orlando and Port-au-Prince likely in the near future

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