Haiti en Marche's Coverage of Recovery Efforts

Haiti en Marche is an online news publication, which also puts out a print issue distributed to major markets on the U.S. eastern seaboard and in Canada, France, and Switzerland. It is a weekly newspaper covering local news, the economy, post-earthquake recovery efforts, government of Haiti activities, and other news of interest to the Haitian community and Diaspora.


Recently its coverage included an article about the city of Jeremie, capital of Grand Anse Department, whose citizens are up-in-arms over stoppage of a road project. Commissioned by the Organization of American States (OAS), who awarded Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) the contract, a Brazilian construction company started work on a road just outside Jeremiah last year.

During the second phase of construction work, the project was suspended for an indefinite period of time. Investigation into the cause of the stoppage uncovered the obstacle impeding further progress on the road. A jagged bluff, Famn Pa Dra, rising above the Glace River is impossible to drill through to complete the project. Several other construction companies have attempted to master this impasse, before the Brazilians came on board.

Equipment had been ordered to tackle Famn Pa Dra, but before the shipment arrived at Jeremie wharf, the construction firm had already packed up and left, terminating the contract. Another setback for post-earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti.

Stories such as the Jeremie project is what Haiti en Marche does well, whose mission is to inform and update local communities and the Diaspora on events affecting their lives.

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