What's the big deal with Haiti hiring lobbyist seeking to influence US decision-makers

This is something I am totally in favor of. What I would call a smart move by the Haitian government to defend its interest. Everyone else does it why not us?


So what is the big deal that all the medias have been reported upon, making people believe that we are doing something wrong?

It has been made public in the press recently that the Haitian government has hired a one-time Clinton administration official with the objective to influence U.S. officials who pledged $3 billion after the 2010 earthquake. Disclosures document obtained from the U.S. Justice Department also show other lobbying activities by Haitians to influence decision makers in Washington D.C.

It was reported that in the past that groups of manufacturers seeking better trade benefits for Haiti as well as the well know Former presidential candidate Jean-Henry Ceant have invested heavily in lobbyist seeking to influence US decision-makers. Mr Ceant paid New York-based Park Strategies $5,000 a month to sell his name in the United States in case he decides on any future political campaigns.

So my question remains: What is the big deal? In a world where it costs money to protect your interest, are these people doing anything wrong here? If the Haitian government feels that it is important to the nation to make sure that the $3 billion pledged by the U.S. after the 2010 earthquake is important, why not pay a few million just to secure its passage.

Other governments as well as other entities have done the same to us and continue until today.

Did you know that many Haitians and foreigners are being paid by other governments just to collect information about Haiti?

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Subject: What's the big deal with Haiti hiring lobbyist seeking to influence US decision-makers edit

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