U.S. Senators David Perdue, Marco Rubio and Johnny Isakson want sanctions on Haiti

The pressure continues to build on the Haitian government from inside as well as in the outside. The American government in particular wants immediate elections in Haiti and have been communicating directly and indirectly with the government. Three .U.S. Senators are now asking for sanctions to be imposed on Haiti.


In a letter addressed to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Senators David Perdue, Marco Rubio and Johnny Isakson to use every tool to ensure that Haitian authorities to respect the agreement recently signed and conducts elections by the deadline. They want the Government of Privert to work closely with the new CEP to conduc the election as scheduled and to avoid any pretext for postponement.

The three Senators urge U.S. Secretary not to allow those who promote violence and undermine Haiti's stability be able to travel freely to the United Statres

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Cesar says...

Where were these 3 senators the last 5 years when sweet Micky had not conducted one election in 5 years.

Mr. Senators, apparently it shows to us that the American government was involved with the fraudulent election in both sessions that sweet Micky gave the Haitian people.

On behalf of our Haitian citizens who are living abroad, butt out of the Haitian business and thank you. Finally to Marco Rubio, it clearly shows us why you can't even win the election in your

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Then that was normal for sweetmicky not make democratic andcfree elections happen in a timely as he spent 5 years in power.

Wecwill have elections when we can do them democraticly and freely...may be after the vrrification commission finished the job

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Feguens says...

Bon yo paka fe sa kap pou yo fe lakay yo epi yap fouye bouch nan afe lot peyi depi tan dat nou anba sanktyon nan men yo ki tenten yap pale gouvenman haityen sipoze mete anbasade ameriken an deyo nan peyi a se y o mem kap detwi peyi

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Subject: U.S. Senators David Perdue, Marco Rubio and Johnny Isakson want sanctions on Haiti edit

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