U.S. State Department issued new Travel Warning to Haiti

Citing an increase in the crime level in Haiti, especially in regards to Americans living in or visiting the country, the U.S. State Department has issued a notice, replacing the last advisory on the subject made on December 28, 2012, informing the concerned parties on this subject.


Adding to the bill is the concern over inadequate infrastructure, limited, seasonal protection from the police and harsh weather. There is also the issue of the inefficient medical institutions, though safety and security remains the first concern.

While the warning does not dissuade Americans from visiting Haiti outright, the message is conveyed clearly enough in the picture painted by words and phrases describing the many murders, robberies, kidnappings and other violent crimes, especially within the scope of the Port-au-Prince area. The advisory goes on to mention a recent robbery of two U.S. citizens shortly after disembarking their flight to Haiti and leaving the airport.

They do admit that hundreds of thousands of visitors from the U.S. come and go to Haiti every year, but only seek to warn their citizens to be diligent in their own safety measures to make up for the deficit in that provided by the country.

Of great concern is the lack of important medical services such as ambulance and first-responder services. Even the staff at the United States Embassy find restrictions present that render them sometimes ineffective in getting emergency aid to citizens in distress outside of Port-au-Prince as they must observe a curfew between certain hours during and sometimes even outside of tense times.

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Subject: U.S. State Department issued new Travel Warning to Haiti edit

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