Haitian Amputee to offer Soccer demonstration at K of C soccer field in Vatican, Rome

Following the earthquake which occurred five years ago in which many children lost various appendages, the program 'Healing Haiti's Children' was eager to fulfill their mandate of providing each child who had lost a limb during the earthquake with a prosthetic replacement. The program was made possible by the sponsorship of the Knights of Columbus along with Project Medishare, an affiliate of the University of Miami. Now three of those children, young men who had each lost one leg as a result of that January day, are giving back what they can, first by playing a demonstrative game of football at the Vatican.


Mackenson Pierre, Wilfrid Macena and Sandy J.L. Louiseme took their story of hope to a conference held at the Vatican on January 10, to mark the event exactly five years after it took place half a world away. Following that appearance, the young men took part in an amputee soccer demonstration in Rome's K of C soccer field. These men, as well as many of the other amputees who received limbs from the program, have gone on to form a new soccer team for athletes who are amputees.

The Rome affair was put on to bring the focus back to the calamitous event and what the repercussions in the lives of the affected men, women and children are. Pope Francis hoped it would show the solidarity between the Haitian people and the Church, and the young men who participated were integral in showing that the country has been able to heal and hope again after the massive earthquake.

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Subject: Haitian Amputee to offer Soccer demonstration at K of C soccer field in Vatican, Rome edit

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