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Haitian Amputee to offer Soccer demonstration at K of C soccer field in Vatican, Rome

Following the earthquake which occurred five years ago in which many children lost various appendages, the program 'Healing Haiti's Children' was eager to fulfill their mandate of providing each child who had lost a limb during the earthquake with a prosthetic replacement. The program was made possible by the sponsorship of the Knights of Columbus along with Project Medishare, an affiliate of the University of Miami. Now three of those children, young men who had each lost one leg as a result of that January day, are giving back what they can, first by playing a demonstrative game of football at the Vatican.

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No real reconstruction without reconstruction of the person as a whole, Pope Francis

On January 10, 2014, in the Clementine Hall in the Vatican, Pope Francis has addressed to the participants of a special meeting to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake. He has said that in the process of reconstruction, humanitarian and pastoral activities should never compete, they should rather complement each other; as each needs the other, and together they can build Haitians more matured persons. Rebuilding efforts should rest on three solid pillars: the human person, ecclesial communion, and the local Church. With church's helps to the brothers and sisters of Haiti, the church has been able to show its contributing effort and it has again proved the greatest strength of the charitable services in motivating upliftment. Charity is the inner life of the Church. The second pillar of ecclesial communion consists of many religious institutions, various dioceses, and charitable organizations. Their contribution and charity work is more authentic because charity becomes genuine and incisive when it originates in communion. The Church in Haiti should become always more alive and fruitful, to witness to Christ and towards its welfare service for the nation.

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Voodoo, big social problem in Haiti, according to Cardinal Chibly Langlois

The battle for the sole of Haiti has begun once again. In an article written in, newly nominated Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois, said that "Voodoo won't save Haiti. Traditional faith offers no real solutions for the poor and is a big social problem".

Cardinal Chibly Langlois attributed Haiti's political problems to its belief system. "If a person is well educated and has the financial means, they will go to a doctor rather than a Houngan when they are sick. The same is true for conflicts between the population; someone would go to Court to get justice instead of going to the voodoo priest to get revenge.

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Pope Francis received President Michel Martelly in private audience

Haitian President Michel Martelly's recent tour of Europe was timed to coincide with Cardinal Chibly Langlois'(Haiti's first cardinal) induction into the College of Cardinals. Martelly was granted an audience with Pope Francis after a presentation of the Haiti delegation was made to him. The delegates each received a blessing from Francis: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Pierre-Richard Casimir; Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Haiti to the Holy See, Karl Henry Guiteau; Special Counsellor to the Presidency, Gregory Mayard-Paul; and President of the Senate, Simon Desras Dieuseul.

After the introductions, President Martelly and Pope Francis exchanged symbolic tributes. Martelly presented Francis a bronze dove of peace, and he in turn gave Martelly the Angel of Peace medal. He also gave him the Aparecida. As a courtesy gift for the First Lady he gave her the Gaudiam Evangelii.

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January 12's Vatican Message, Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois

When the news of the ascension of Bishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes as the first Haitian Cardinal reached Haiti on Sunday 12 January, the Haitian people and the local Catholic Church were both surprised and happy. The Haitians got their first Cardinal exactly on the same day when four years ago a terrible earthquake took hundreds of thousands lives in Haiti. Bishop Chibly Langlois is the president of the Haitian bishops' who is respected by Haitians for his immense service in the post earthquake era in Haiti.

Haiti is the place where most of the poorest of the poor live in western hemisphere. Many of us do not remember that this is the place in America where the Cross of Jesus Christ was first placed. On 6 December, 1492, Christopher Columbus along with his other European companions when arrived on this island, to bring the land under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church, his first act was to plant a cross on the beach at Môle St. Nichola and establish the first Spanish colony on the island.

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A shift by Vatican in Hispaniola as new cardinal elected

The new Roman Catholic Pope has, at the outset of his run, taken stances and made decisions that have had him labeled as reformative. His latest appointment of a Cardinal for the island of Hispaniola has been one more such move, Chibly Langlois.

There can only be one! The Spanish part of the island, the Dominican Republic, has always held the honor of being home to a Roman Cardinal. But, after Pope Francis' recent naming of his 19 new cardinals, it is Haiti and its 'little priest that could' which now has the ear and attention of the Holy See.

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Not to Share Wealth with Poor is Theft, Pope Francis

On November 27, 2013, Pope Francis, the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church has taken aim at capitalism and termed it as theft unless wealth is shared with poor. In an 84-page document, he has urged that to save the economy, the world leaders should intensify their efforts to fight against poverty and inequality.

Rich people should share their wealth with the poor. Pope Francis also warned that the present financial system supports uneven distribution of wealth; people are becoming aggressive, corrupted, and heartless. They always want to accumulate more for own. Nobody cares when a homeless aged person dies carelessly but if the stock market loses two points it becomes a sensational news.

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Vatican's envoy wants a humane solution in Dominican-Haitian Crisis

The new Vatican envoy to the Dominican Republic, Jude Thaddeus Okolo, is asking for restraint in regard to the crisis that has been evolving between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We must find a humane solution, according to the envoy.

Envoy Jude Thaddeus Okolo also suggested for the Catholic Church to serve as mediator between the two parties is needs be.

This is a very good suggestion coming from the religious community. However, there might be one problem:

Envoy Jude Thaddeus Okolo is a Black man and being such, the Dominicans might think that he, also, is Haitian descent as well.

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New Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Buenos Aires

The Catholic cardinals picked a new pope among themselves on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. He is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The new pope,Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, will be called Francis, the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

New Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio' s First Pray 13.03.2013

White Smoke Rises Over Vatican, the Catholic Church has made history. The New Pope is the first non-European leader of the church in more than 1,000 years.

Who is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

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Ambassador Carl-Henri Guiteau Appointed Envoy to the Holy See

Carl-Henri Guiteau was re-appointed Ambassador of Haiti to the Vatican Holy See on July 6, 2009, having served in that capacity from 2002 to 2004. He carries the title of Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Haiti to the Holy See.

In an official letter of acknowledgement, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hopes for the future of Haiti, a country historically wracked by natural disaster, unstable governments, poverty, violence, and a rotting infrastructure.

Benedict XVI, in his letter to Ambassador Carl-Henri Guiteau, wished for him and Haiti the cooperation of the international community of donors to provide assistance to the poorest segments of the population. In particular, he stressed the disunification of families leading to the Diaspora, especially in the U.S.

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