Cap-Haitian, A Fine Vacation Destination In Haiti

Cap-Haitian also known formerly as le Cap, Cap-Henri and Cap-Francais is located on Haiti's northern coast. It is the capital of the Department of Nord and is located near Milot, a historic town. It has around 190,000 inhabitants with indigenous migrants from South and Central America. During the colonial rule it was an important city where it served as the capital of the French Colony of Saint Dominigue from 1711 to 1770.


Anti Government And Revolutionary Movements

The capital was moved to Port-au-Prince. Initially, under the rule of King Henri Christophe, it was Kingdom of Northern Haiti's first capital. Infrastructure for transportation was not very good during that time. The city was destroyed by the 7th May 1842 earthquake.

A lot of anti government or revolutionary movements started taking place in Cap-Haitian. All those who opposed Jean-Bertrand Aristide's rule were taken over by the militants from February 5th to 29th 2004. To throw him out of office and Haiti, a lot of political pressure was created eventually.

Sightseeing Opportunities

Tourism industry is the main source of revenue of Cap-Haitian. The Caribbean beaches are truly picturesque, bay waters are nice and calm and monuments truly historic, making it a great vacation destination for the rich locales and international tourists. Rich French colonial architecture has been preserved here. Interesting sites to see are Labadie beach resort, Vertières, the site where Battle of Vertieres took place, Citadelle Laferrière a large fortress on the moutaintop, Bois Caiman, a village area where Vodoo rites were performed and Morne Rouge a sugar plantation site.

Between the east of Cap-Haitian and its Bay a few urban slums are seen. Streets are arranged in a grid style and are narrow. Many low rise, three to four storey apartment buildings, markets and churches are seen in this historic city built from the time the US occupied it. They are in need of repair now. During dinner time, people are seen eating in their balconies, thus creating an intimate atmosphere communally.

Transportation And Education

Cap-HaitianInternational Airport is served by many domestic airlines. After the earthquake in 2010, the Chilean United Nation troops have been patrolling it from 'O'Higgins Base'.

Main seaport of Cap-Haitian is Port International Du Cap-Haitien. Port-au-Prince is connected well by the Route Nationale No.1 road via Gonaives and Saint-March cities. Motorcycles, local taxis and tap tap public transportation services are available. Students get their higher level grade education at the four private schools of the Catholic Church.

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