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Haitian-American Victoria Duval diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma Cancer

Victoria Duval was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma after three qualifying matches in Wimbledon. She had won her first career draw match before she revealed her status. She said she will have to step aside for a short while because of the illness, but she's still hoping to be back quite soon. After the first round of qualifying while in Wimbledon, the diagnosis was made but she had to continue with the competition.

Victoria Duval expressed her faith in God and told well-wishers that she will recover from and continue with her tennis game which she loves the most. She is also praying to God to give her and her family strength and everything they need in this trying moment. According to her representatives from IMG, the biopsy taken in England and the U.S. confirmed the results and therefore the diagnosis was complete.

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Haitian-American Victoria Duval Wins First-Round Match at US Open

At only 17 years old, Victoria Duval, the Haitian American professional player of tennis is off to an impressive start after winning her First-Round Match at the US Open. Her recent victory is a testament to the difference a year can make in a dedicated athlete's life. Just last year, the youngster was disappointed by the loss to Kim Clijsters in straight sets during her first try at the US Open. This time around, she saw her first triumph, over Samantha Stosur of Australia, Champion of The Open in 2011, and Top 15 player, with scores of 5-7, 6-4, and 6-3.

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Haitian-American Victoria Duval survived kidnapping to win first round US Open tennis tournament

The young Haitian-American Victoria Duval pulled quite an upset Yesterday (August 27, 2013) at the U.S. Open.

She defeated the 2011 champion Samantha Stosur in the US Open first round tennis tournament. Ranked at No.296, Duval scored a 5-7 6-4 6-4 win against the 11th- Australian. This is actually, her first grand slam victory.

This victory by the 17 year old Haitian-American Victoria Duval over the 2011 champion Samantha Stosur in the US Open is quite remarkable but it gets even more interesting. She had two major ordeals that she already coped with. She experienced the terror of being held hostage by a kidnap gang and almost losing her father in the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

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