FLASH - Protest on Friday, one death, several cars on fire

The pressure on the CEP was intensified yesterday (Friday, November 21, 2015) as thousands of Haitians continue to demand that last month's presidential election be annulled. The protest that started peacefully turned violent after they were attacked by government supporters who threw rocks, blocks and bottles. The clash resulted in one death, two cars burned to the ground, several injuries and lost of business merchandises. One of the major injuries involves a Haitian protester who was hit in the head with a machete. The report indicated that the cars were burned around Delmas 95. In addition, several street merchants lost their inventories as people were running for cover.


WATCH VIDEO: Haitian protest, one dead and several injuries

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There was an inconsistency between the vote count-which placed Jovenel Moise first (33%)-and voters, who actually voted for Moise, 6%. That percentage figure would put him in fourth place. Jude Celestin, who placed second, will face Moise in the run-off. Research Director of II, Robert Muggah, said the inconsistency "does not prove the preliminary results . . . inaccurate."

Martelly's PHTK party rebuffs charges from the opposition that PHTK falsified results. The Organization of American States backs II saying, ". . . the preliminary results appeared to be in line with what they saw on Election Day." The Provisional Electoral Council refused to conduct a recount under pressure from the opposition representatives.

However, how does one account for a 27% discrepancy between exit polling results and preliminary results??

Haitian Kreyol:
Presyon sou CEP te entansifye yè (Vandredi, 21 novanm, 2015) Dè milye de Ayisyen te kontinye mande annuler eleksyon pou prezidan ki te fet dènye mwa sa. Pwotestasyon an ki te kòmanse pasifikman vire vyolan apre sipòtè gouvènman atake moun ak wòch, blòk ak boutèy. Echanj kout zam koze yon lanmò, de machin boule, plizyè blesi, ak ti machann ki pèdi nan machandiz biznis yo. Youn nan moun ki blese yo te frape nan tèt ak yon manchèt. Machin yo te boule alantou Delmas 95. Anplis de sa, plizyè machann lari te pèdi bagay yo nan moun ki tombe kouri

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