Haiti protests start with Damballah-Wedo Voodoo Symbol, campfire

Have you ever noticed that the majority of protests in Haiti often starts one way. Someone will draw in the middle of the street the Voodoo Symbol in Haitian language called Damballah-Wedo, then a campfire will be set right in the middle of the sign where people participate in song turning around the fire. I am trying to understand the meaning of all that. Anyone with some knowledge, please share with us. In Haitian Voodoo, Damballah-Wedo is viewed as a loving father to the world and associated with creation. However, in many protests in Haiti, we find lots of destruction. How do you explain that?


Haitian Kreyol:

Ayiti manifestasyon souvan kòmanse ak vodou Senbòl Damballah - Wèdo e yon boukan dife

Èske w te janm remake ke majorite nan manifestasyon an Ayiti souvan kòmanse menm fason. Yon moun trase nan mitan lari a yon vodou Senbòl ki rele Damballah - Wèdo. Apre sa yo fè yon boukan dife nan mitan li kote moun patisipe nan chante pandan yo ape vire alantou dife a. Mwen ap eseye konprann siyifikasyon sa. Nenpòt moun ki gen kèk konesans , tanpri pataje avèk nou.

Nan vodou ayisyen, mwen konnen Damballah - Wèdo kòm yon papa ki gen lanmou epi ki asosye ak kreyasyon. Sepandan , nan anpil manifestasyon an Ayiti , nou jwenn anpil destriksyon.

Ki jan ou fè eksplike sa?

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Subject: Haiti protests start with Damballah-Wedo Voodoo Symbol, campfire edit

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