Letter of Odette Roy Fombrun to Haiti Prime Minister

Odette Roy Fombrun (born June 13, 1917) is an educator, a feminist activist and historian. Odette is a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction; she has published textbooks, mystery novels, newspaper and magazine articles. She is the author of a collection of good citizenship guide book, and there are several novels and numerous instructional books to her credit. In 1945, she opened Haiti's first kindergarten and first professional flower shop. She celebrated her 100th birthday on June 13, last year. On December 2014, as a member of the Presidential Consultative Commission, Mrs. Odette Roy Fombrun wrote an open letter explaining how the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe was a serious mistake.


Recently, as per news reports dated May 16, 2017, Odette has written a letter to the Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant calling him to take the right steps to save Haitifs immense national wealth. Here is a brief synopsis of her letter.

In her letter, she has mentioned that Haitifs abundance of wealth comes in every form whether it is natural, cultural or historical. But so far, such treasures have never been managed wisely-- they have been wasted within the country. Undoubtedly we have enough treasure to draw the most tourists in the Caribbean; our treasures are good enough to develop our country from within. Unfortunately, instead of achieving the top spot, due to the poor management of our resources, we have been tagged as the "LDC (Least Advanced Country) of America".
There should be a balancing in the planning. The rural areas have enough potential to develop with their own resources. If they are not trapped and utilized in a proper way there will be no development outside the cities, country people will invade the cities with their little belongings for their survival, open shops and transform the narrow streets into street markets and there will be no planned city but slums only.

Persons responsible must understand and find the right steps. We must identify our every national wealth and prepare exhaustive lists of them leaving nothing behind, like, waterfalls, caves, ruins, customs, dances, historical sites, music, food, patronal festivals, available arable land, etc.

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