The Serpent and the Rainbow - Movie about Haitian Zombie

The Serpent and the Rainbow is a horror movie that was directed by Wes Craven in year 1988. The movie was inspired by a book by Wade Davis, which had the same title. Davis was an ethnobotanist from Harvard who investigated Haiti's Voodoo society and found out two drugs that were used for the purpose of zombification. The drugs he identified were used by the Voodoo practitioners to dramatically reduce the metabolic rate of victims which made them appear as if they were dead. The victims were then buried and later they were dug up and revived using herbal brew. The resurrected victims appeared lobotomized.


In the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, Harvard researcher Bill Pullman plays the character of Dennis Alan who is sent by a pharmaceutical corporation to Haiti to isolate a drug used by Voodoo practitioners hoping that the drug could be used for anaesthesia. His Haitian contact was beautiful Marielle Celine running a people's clinic in Haiti. Alan's investigation draws attention and Captain Dargent Peytraud of Tonton Macoute warns Alan and asks him to leave to which Alan refuses. In his continue investigation, Alan met Mozart, the witch doctor who could produce the drug but sold Alan a duplicate one.

Tonton Macoute re-arrested Alan but he refused to leave and he met Mozart once again to obtain the true drug but a few hours prior to the meeting, Alan confronted a nightmare which Peytraud implanted in his mind during the second arrest. Because of the nightmare, Alan wakes alongside a dead lady and was charged with murder. Alan was put on a plane at a gunpoint. Mozart gives him the drug and Alan returns to Boston.

Upon his return, a celebration dinner was arranged during which Peytraud possessed Alan's employer's wife and warns Alan of an imminent death. Alan went back to Haiti where Peytraud ordered him to be buried alive. Alan emerged from the grave and went to the headquarters of Tonton Macoute where he defeats Peytraud with the aid of his Jaguar spirit - his protective totem that he received at Amazon, which was the opening scene of the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow.

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