Mayor of Quebec, Regis Labeaume, to support new fire station in Port-au-Prince

Régis Labeaume, Quebec City's mayor, declared on Friday, June 14, 2013, that Quebec will construct a new fire station at a cost of $2 million USD in Port-au-Prince. He announced that the project will be financed by a Quebec investor but did not reveal the details of the investment plan. The name of the investor was also not revealed as well. This announcement came 6 months after the Mayor Labeaume visited Haiti and was hosting a Haitian visit to Quebec. Michaëlle Jean, Haiti's UNESCO Special Envoy and Stephanie B. Villedrouin, Minister of Tourism for Haiti were on an official visit to Quebec with the intention to sell the tourism potentials of Haiti to investors.


Mayor Régis Labeaume said that Quebec City will guarantee the investment for the new fire station and with participation of the Haitians, the City will draw barrack and construct as well as direct the work but in the process, use local materials and work force of Haiti.

Mayor Labeaume made a promise during his visit to Haiti and fulfilled it by inviting several high-profile businessmen that he handpicked. He invited these businessmen to the meeting with Michaëlle Jean and Stephanie B. Villedrouin that was held at Quebec City's Town Hall. Some of the prominent businessmen who were invited to the meeting included Claude Choquette and Daniel Gauthier of Groupe Massif, Michel Dallaire of Cominar, Jean Leclerc of Laura Secord and others. The construction of the new fire station was not the only topic of the meeting and the Haitian visit aimed towards reconstruction of both tourism and investment in Haiti.

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Subject: Mayor of Quebec, Regis Labeaume, to support new fire station in Port-au-Prince edit

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