The Zika virus has landed in Haiti

It's no longer a possibility. Zika virus has landed in Haiti. Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has confirmed cases of the the virus Zika in Haiti. Based on a lab test conducted recently in Trinidad and Tobago on 11 people in Haiti, the result confirmed that five of the Haitian blood samples tested positive for the disease. Zika causes mild symptoms such as fever, sometimes rash, conjunctivitis and headache. Zika can lead to birth defects and miscarriage to pregnant women. Three-quarters of people infected with the virus don't even notice it.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Viris Zika ateri an Ayiti

Kounye a se yon posibilite. Viris Zika te ateri an Ayiti. Pan American Oganizasyon Sante (OPS) te konfime ka viris Zika a an Ayiti. Baze sou yon tès laboratwa ki fèt dènyèman nan Trinidad ak Tobago sou 11 moun an Ayiti, rezilta a konfime ke senk nan echantiyon san ayisyen yo te teste pozitif pou maladi a. Zika lakòz sentòm grav tankou lafyèv, pafwa gratèl, konjonktivit ak tèt fè mal. Pou fanm ansent, Zika ka koze domaj nesans ak foskouch. Twa ka nan moun ki enfekte avèk viris la pa menm remake li.

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