Theodore Beaubrun Titan of Comedy

Theodore Beaubrun, best known for his portrayal as Languichatte Debordus in the comedy series Languichatte in the 20th Century was born and died in Port-au-Prince, at age 80 in 1998. He was multi-talented in many areas as an author, playwright, actor, director, storyteller, journalist, musician, and composer.


He excelled in the comedy genre, and is considered among the top comic actors in the world, and certainly of his generation. As the character, Languichatte, he has been compared to America's Sherman Hemsley, as George Jefferson on the 70's sit-com The Jeffersons. Beaubrun played alongside co-star, Marie-Andrée Raymond Jeudy, who played the character, Mantoute. Jeudy died recently on January 18, 2013.

His first stage appearance was at the Stage Theater in March 1942. He eventually became Director of the National Theater in Port-au-Prince. During his film career, Beaubrun appeared, most notably, in Gouverneurs de la Rosée in 1974, in the role of Simidò. In addition, he served as a spokesman for many public-service announcements on TV.

In his role as Languichatte, he acted the part of a pompous, self-centered man, who was always undermined by his maid (his wife in real life, Ginette Beaubrun). Audiences identified with his character's insecurities, and his comic relief brought a measure of escape for many Haitians, in a country that has endured much political upheaval.

Ever since his death in 1998 from Parkinson's disease, there has been a void in the comedy world. A giant of comedy, Theodore Beaubrun has left some pretty big boots to fill.

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