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Theodore Beaubrun Titan of Comedy

Theodore Beaubrun, best known for his portrayal as Languichatte Debordus in the comedy series Languichatte in the 20th Century was born and died in Port-au-Prince, at age 80 in 1998. He was multi-talented in many areas as an author, playwright, actor, director, storyteller, journalist, musician, and composer.

He excelled in the comedy genre, and is considered among the top comic actors in the world, and certainly of his generation. As the character, Languichatte, he has been compared to America's Sherman Hemsley, as George Jefferson on the 70's sit-com The Jeffersons. Beaubrun played alongside co-star, Marie-Andrée Raymond Jeudy, who played the character, Mantoute. Jeudy died recently on January 18, 2013.

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Marie-Andree Raymond Jeudy, AKA Mantoute, is dead

Legendary actor, popularly known as the character, Mantoute, died at her home in Port-au-Prince on Friday, January 18, 2013. Marie-Andrée Raymond Jeudy's death was from unknown causes, and her passing has caused grief in the government of Haiti (GOH).

First to learn of Marie-Andree Raymond Jeudy's death was Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister. He reacted with sadness, immediately sending his heartfelt sympathies to her immediate and extended family and the artistic community of Haiti.

Next to hear was Haiti President, Michel Martelly, and First Lady, Sophia. Grief-stricken, the president and his wife sent official condolences to the bereaved, expressing the GOH's appreciation of Jeudy's art and service to her community.

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