Three Important Questions Pregnant Mothers seek answers from

Abortion is an important issue in the society. This is the case because it touches on human life and at the same time, it affects the issue of morality in the society. This is the reason this issue will continue to raise controversy among the different stakeholders. Because of the sacredness of life attached to life, it is not possible to avoid seeking answers to some very important questions as far as abortion is concerned. The 3 important questions for abortion clinics are under discussion as below.


The first issue about abortion touches on the safety of the practice. How such safe is abortion? It is important to note that no person is ready and willing to undertake a medical or surgical practice without first analyzing the risks associated with practice. Doing so will be lack of prudence and it is unacceptable.

Like most controversial practices, abortion has its share of risks. In fact, it is not an alternative technique to birth control. Different risks associated with abortion include death, breast cancer and ectopic pregnancies among others. This means that the practice is not safe at all more especially when medical specialists are not involved.

The second for abortion clinic is on types of abortion techniques. Actually, there are two types: surgical and medical abortion. Most pregnant women will choose the technique, which best works for them.

The third most important question concerns the pain the patient will experience. Is abortion painful? Well, this will depend on individual patients. Different patients will respond to pain in different ways. Some report the pain as tolerable while others have different experience all together. Important to note is the fact that people use different pain management to curb pain experiences.

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