"Ti Manman Cheri" Changer to Ti Manman Cheri Tou nèf

"Ti Manman Cheri", or "Dear Little Mother", is a program of Haitian government, which started with initial sponsorship of the Venezuelan government ($15 million or £9.5 million) in 2012. The scheme used to pay $20 (£13) cash credit per month to the mother who sends their children schools regularly. To ensure its sustainability and effectiveness, on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at the Alpha Hotel, in the presence of the Mayor of the town of Aquin, Gilbert Buteau, the Director of Fight against Poverty of Fund for Economic and Social Assistance (FAES) has renamed and launched a revised version of the earlier program as "Ti Manman Cheri Tou Nèf (New)". From now on, each pre-registered mother engaged in selected industries will be entitled to parent credit up to 5,000 gourdes, through a micro credit bureau by creating individual groups termed as "Deposit Solidarity Group" (GCS) consisting three to six members.


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Subject: "Ti Manman Cheri" Changer to Ti Manman Cheri Tou nef edit

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