Venezuela Di World Bank: "Pa Rantre nan Koze.m Ak Ayiti"

Last week, Mary Barton-Dock, the Special Envoy of the World Bank publicly criticized the government of Haiti for the way they has been managing the fund from PetroCaribe. She wants more transparency over the management of the fund.


Mezanmi, Mary Barton-Dock antre nan ron san yo pa invite li

According to On Sunday, the Ambassador of Venezuela in Haiti, Pedro Antonio Canino showed his fury for the statement. He finds them inappropriate. According to Canino, the World Bank had no business to interfere in the Petrocaribe program. He actually demanded an explanation from Mary Barton-Dock, saying that this is something between Haiti and Venezuela.

Mezanmi, Koze pa pou rou, Madam lan pa bay yon gourde nan program PetroCaribe. Kote li trouve Odas pou li rantre nan zafè sa?

Mwen ta rinmin konnin eske se paske li panse li gin tout dwa so payi-a ki fè li panse li kapab rantre nan koze sa?

Pa bliye ke lè se yon ti moun ou ye, se yon granmoun ki pou di sa pou fè et comman pou fè li

Mezanmi, annou ede Mary Barton-Dock leve nin li

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Subject: Venezuela Di World Bank: "Pa Rantre nan Koze.m Ak Ayiti" edit

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