Winning logo for "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" contest

The big winner for the logo contest "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" was Neyssa T. Demorcy, a 17 year old studdent at Institution du Sacré-c"ur de Turgeau. She was declared winner as her logo was determined to be better over 5 others in inculpating the values of respect, dialogue, learn to live together and the quest for excellence among the youth. This campaign began in Octobrer, 2015 and the Logo contest of "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" is part of of an initiative with the objective to adopt a visual identity for the campaign. There will be other campaigns in the coming days such as music, litterature, DJ that will be part of the activities for the 2015-2016 school year.


Haitian Kreyol:

Genyen logo konpetisyon pou "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le Nou diferan"

Gwo Gayan an pou konpetisyon logo "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le Nou diferan" te Neyssa T. Demorcy,
ki yon elev de 17 ane nan Enstitisyon du Sacre-Coeur de Turgeau.

Li te deklare gayan paske logo li an detèmine pi bon sou 5 lòt nan montre valè nan respè, dyalòg, aprann viv ansanm ak pou ekselans nan mitan jèn yo. Kanpay sa a te kòmanse nan Octobrer, 2015 ak konpetisyon pou Logo nan "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le Nou diferan" ki se yon pati nan yon inisyativ ak objektif pou adopte yon idantite vizyèl pou kanpay la. Yo pral fè lòt kanpay nan jou kap vini tankou mizik, litératur, DJ ki ap fè pati nan aktivite yo pou ane lekòl 2015-2016 la.

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Subject: Winning logo for "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le nou diferan" contest edit

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