Wyclef Jean For President of Haiti. What do you think?

It might become a reality. It is possible that the internationally known Musician Wyclef Jean can become the next president of Haiti.


The Haitian Joudalist received information from Ms. Sara Holbrooke, a CNN reporter, that Mr. Wyclef Jean is thinking about running for President of Haiti. It is also reported that Wyclef already completed all the required paperwork to run in the next Haiti Presidential election scheduled to take place in November of 2010 and told CNN that he can't continue to sing forever.

What do you make of this?

Can he make a difference or do you think he will become just another Haitian politicians? Do you think if Wyclef Jean was president, he would get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday like his own song says.

Is Wyclef Jean really going to run for President in the next Haiti presidential election? Jean may not have a lot of political experience; however, he has the ability to bring qualified people together to have the job done. His uncle, political activist, journalist and diplomat Raymond Alcide Joseph has been the Haitian ambassador to the United States since 2005.

Did Wyclef Jean keep his Haitian Nationality or is he one of those Haitians +? Does anyone know what passport he travels with? Would Jean be disqualified to run in the next Haiti presidential election if it is found that his original Haitian nationality was changed?

Do you think Jean has a better chance to fight corruption in Haiti since he's known to be already a wealthy man?

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Subject: Wyclef Jean For President of Haiti. What do you think? edit

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