RE: A Review Of The 2010 Haiti Election Day In Video

Cesar Jean-jacques - November 29 2010, 12:32 PM

I feel sorry for Haitian people who went to vote yesterday because most of the candidates who are crying like babies saw that they have no chance of upset Preval's United party candidate.

I do not expect anything else from Mrs. Manigat because she is doing the same thing her husband did four years ago. She doesn't realize that she was the one denied the Haitian people when they elected her as Senator Four years ago. In addition Mr. Baker is listening to the musician Sweet Micky and Wyclef Jean to have a carnival in the name of protesting the election 2010. I would understand the crying from Mr. Victor Benoit, Kaplume and the Lavalas candidate because Preval deny them to run for election.

To conclude, I am extremely dissapointed with all the candidates because all of them want to be elected not for President of Haiti, but to steal from the haitian people in the name of Haiti Cherie.

None of them will put Haiti First if they were elected as the next President of Haiti.

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