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Bruno D. - January 31 2012, 6:28 PM

My friend, no need to get upset.

I have only one question for you. If you are put in a position to select between Duvalier and Aristide in term of positive results, which one accomplished more for Haiti

I know many people accused Duvalier for Ton Ton Makout, Duvalier was also blaimed for dealing with the enemy harsly.

What alternative did he have. Duvalier took a Haiti that was devided.

Do you think he should have prayed for those who wanted to remove him from office when he was duely elected.

I don't want to insult you my friend.

But it would have been better to learn more about Haiti in the 1950s.

It was a Haiti with 97 percent of the population being Black and still the Black majority could not go to some places.

Learn about your history my friend

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Mr. Bruno D.,only one thing I can tell you,Stop...

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