the paranoiac president michel martely is an us citizen.

Monel - February 16 2012, 7:06 PM

Yes, the president Michel Martely has an US passport, according to the last statement of US ambassador Kenneth Murten.Even thaugh the statement said the US passport's number that Senator MOISE JN-CHARLES has not any implication with Michel Martely, at the same talking the statement recognized the US passport PUSA043911230 is areal number of a US passport of the United states, and the statement not denied that Michel Martely not an US citizen.

The US ambassador's statement said only:according to the American laws, they've not supposed to release any information about identity of any citizen American, unless the peson in question request that.
Now quetions people supposed to ask:1-This number PUSA043911230 was it Michel Martely's old US passport number after renewal, because the US ambassador was not denied either that number above is false in the homeland security systems.

2-Who's belonged that US passport's number, now the answer is in Martely's hands, because he has obligation to clarify that in front of the paliarment commission of investigating, if he wanna be continued to govern Haiti.

I don't think there is any suspicious again, after all analysis Michel Martely is a citizen American.

In conclusion the Deputy's member have to take off on another speed to put the paranoiac president in accusation and force him to resign, and the senate gonna be transformed in high justice court to judge the former crackhead president as per haitian's constitution.

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