RE: Dominican president Danilo Medina threatens Haiti

Lucius Pierre - June 20 2013, 4:46 PM

The Dominican Republic Gorvernment has reacted aginst the idea that said "drastic measures", according to a member of the government, the president didn't say that he would take drastic measures against Haiti, but only drastic measures to solve the problem that the Haitian government has created when they took the decision to not to permit the entrance of birds and eggs from the Dominican Republic.

I can undestand the frustration of the Dominican Republic, because it was a sudden decision, and the president Martelly had the time to notice that rude decision to the president Danilo, because they were in a meeting the day before, a part of that, the Haitian government has recognized that there is no broblem with that issues in the Dominican Republic; so even of that recognition, they maintain their decision.

I my opinion, this is not the best way the government has to protect his people.

Our decisions have to be founded in logical and responsible informations, not misunderstood that can create conflict between the two nations.

Haiti, is in dept against the Dominican Republic, and the Dominicans began to reclame us for all those favors we've received from them. What are we going to do to pay them?

Accepting their exigeances in everything because our lack of solutions for our people?

Or is our government in condition to receive all of us who live in the Dominican Republic, which according to their own statistics, we are about 2,000,000?

Think of those stuffs, because, our people suffer from both sides of the border, and a conflict between the two nations won't guide to any good way, at least for us who have suffered for ages.

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