2014 Kanaval, "Tet Kole" or "Tet Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm

Johnson Sainjuste - January 17 2014, 7:15 AM

This is what you would call intelligence.

"Tèt Kole" or "Tèt Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm, this is a great idea and I think the group in the Martelly government who came up with that idea deserves a prize.

I think it was great observation from Haiti observer to see that is coincidently coming on an election year.

The government of Martelly-Lamother has some good strategists thinking for them

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2014 Kanaval, "Tet Kole" or "Tet Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm

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