RE: Aaron Sanchez and John Besh, got cool reception at "Marche Communal de Kinskoff"

Valerie - June 14 2014, 11:41 PM

I respect and thank mayor Clesca for protecting our people's integrity and pride.

Don't get me wrong, I know that if your in need you should accept help. Yet, this was not help...just exploitation at its best! What some of our people don't understand when they are being bedazzled with lights and cameras in action, is that they benefit much less from it than they know or realize.

Let's just say, the smiles on the other end of those cameras greeting them are short lived and as genuine as leather made from manufacturer created cow skin! They smile while taking the worst shots of us, pretending to show us in a good light.

While really, they just want to come back overseas to line their pockets selling stories of our strong and proud black people (something they would never say)making us out to be savages, begging for what's not ours! Is that really how we want our people portrayed?

I mean it's all well to accept help when in need, just be sure it's from someone giving it willingly and for the right reasons.

Please don't allow our current circumstances take away from the legacy we created of being the first black people to proclaim our freedom and dismiss our capturer.

I say proclaim because we were always free mentally just physical captivated! Also, stop letting the white man on our soil and allowing them to do as they please without having to pay for that right.

You don't see Americans letting us into American without a steep price to pay or at least things being beneficial for both sides (mostly theirs) so please stop letting foreigners use our country as a dumping ground after extracting all our raw materials without paying and leaving us to beg them for it back! Stand up Haiti!

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