January 12 has arrived, Does it mean the beginning of a Political Disaster for Haiti?

Soulshadow55 - January 12 2015, 11:53 AM

Judith - I totally agree with you. Haiti is at a major crossroad.

The country can go back to the bad old days of riots, instability, corruption and poverty.

Or it can go towards stability, development, education and jobs, and higher income for all people.

That can only be attained by stability - no riots, burning down businesses, or overthrowing duly elected governments.

That can no longer happen.

The earthquake pushed aside a lot of bad things that were going on in Haiti.

Let us not go back to those old ways and old thinking.

Can't we see all the development that is going on. New roads, new schools for all children, hospitals, electricity, tourism, hotels, jobs and more. Yes, we need elections but if the person that they want to win doesn't win, that doesn't mean that they should riot and burn down other people's businesses or overthrow the newly elected government.

Haiti has to change its way of thinking.

The opposition has to understand that stability and accepting the elected government is the only way Haiti can advance and make life better for all Haitians.

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January 12 has arrived, Does it mean the beginning of a Political Disaster for Haiti?

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