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January 12 has arrived, Does it mean the beginning of a Political Disaster for Haiti?

Judith - I totally agree with you. Haiti is at a major crossroad. The country can go back to the bad old days of riots, instability, corruption and poverty. Or it can go towards... more »

Former North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau guilty of conspiracy and mortgage fraud

I'm sad and angry at the same time. Sad that she decided to do something so stupid and sad that she will be going to prison for a very long time. She should have realized that... more »

Opposition senators refuse to meet President Michel Martelly, not a smart move

You made some very good points in your statement. It's just like the Republican Congress in the U.S. They refuse to meet with or work with President Obama therefore nothing has... more »

De La Sol Haiti company in Plaisance with premium vanilla beans and cacao

I found them on the web. Their website is You can contact them at: stephanie [at] And their phone number is: 334.391.2697. more »

Labadee, Haitian Port Located On the Northern Coast Of Haiti

In 1995 I visited Labadee on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Back then they didn't have the Dragon's Breath Flight line and a lot of the other new features. Nevertheless, I had a great... more »

De La Sol Haiti company in Plaisance with premium vanilla beans and cacao

Such exciting news!! This is the kind of development and job creation that Haiti needs. We must make sure that our products are first rate and in excellent condition. I can't... more »

Martelly finalman prale rankontre Barack La!

I hope that lots of jobs and trade deals come out of Pres. Martelly's visit. Haiti needs more jobs and trade and the U.S. is the biggest economy close to Haiti. Haiti can provide... more »

Will Jean-Claude Duvalier run in Next Presidential Election?

Can Duvalier even run for President again? In the U.S. there are laws that state that a person can only run for President for two terms. Duvalier made himself president for life... more »

Will Jean-Claude Duvalier run in Next Presidential Election?

I don't think that Haiti should return to the failed policies and corruption of the Duvalier regime. Duvalier represents Haiti at its worse. He and his father took the country to... more »

Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives, sign of leadership

Yes, let us hope that this is a new era for Haitian leadership. Unity, rule of law and good governance are what makes a country great. Haiti is unique amongst the countries of... more »

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