It's Election in Haiti, time to buy candidates with dirty money

Dessalines Idea - April 6 2015, 7:54 AM

I totally agreed with the previous comment.

In Haitian politic, the only thing that counts is money and all the candidates who will be participating in this election are for sale.

Don't let them make you believe otherwise.

In this election, everyone will have his own "Blank", his own interest group doing whatever necessary to bring the victory to their candidate.

Criminal gangs will have their roles to play. Money laundering, money from drug, kidnapping, human trafficking will more than ever welcome.

The candidates will not tell you who their masters are really.

However, if there is any opportunity of winning, they will in fact have their own Puppet masters.

Unfortunately, the only group who will not be represented if the general population, those who desperately want to see a change in Haiti.

They will be loud, vocal, ready to take to the streets if they feel the election is stolen.

They do not realize one very important factor, the election is usually stolen from them from the start.

This is not necessarily when the international community decides to declare a winner out of a hat. Election in Haiti is a big business and the real actors are unknown.

They are those with the bags of money to buy our politicians.

Did anyone know that Both Michel Martelly and Myrlande Manigat were in the pocked of Dominican Senator Felix Bautista?

Neither Manigat nor Martelly would tell us. It was only after both of them got caught that you started hearing who received more and who received less from a foreign Senator.

Also, this was quite a deal for Felix Bautista and Michel Martelly.

Bothe were winners at the expenses of the Haitian population.

According to the Dominican investigative journalist, Nuria Piera,

For Bautista, he received NO-BID contracts worth more than US$ 350 Million from Martelly after investing only $2.5 million to Martelly's political campaign.

This is considered a good return on investment by any business standard.

Michel Martelly did not come out empty handed either.

"The Route of the Millions" reported that at Least $2.5 Million in Kickbacks to President Martelly from Bautista.

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