RE: Michel Martelly In Financial Problem As He Lost Three Homes To...

M Lamothe - March 7 2011, 3:10 PM

The lady has been there in the right political position for more than a half century.

What has she done, what is she going to do as president that she could not have done before.

This man, Michel Martelly have obviously no experience in politic, but Mirlande Manigat has, and she has not done nothing significant for the people.

Many of "big" and much more smart people, like Donald Thrump, big stars like Michael Jackson, who have multitude of Attorneys, CPA, personal Bankers have lost their properties during this crunch time. Why is it a big deal for a man of a small statute, who barely move to the US. Who probably have no understanding of the banking or real state law in this country.

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People of my Land! Think before voting this time! The...

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