Michel Martelly in Financial problem as he lost three homes to foreclosure

Our presidential candidate Michel Martelly can feel our pain because he knows what it feels like not to be able to pay his bills. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Michel Martelly, aka Sweet Micky, lost three properties in South Florida due to foreclosure.


The Miami Herald reported that our potential president, Michel Martelly, lost three houses recently in South Florida. In addition, there is a loan for over $1 million that he stopped payment on.

One of the foreclosed homes was a 5-bedroom house located in Royal Palm Beach. According to Miami Herald: "The Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly bought in 2005 a $900,000 Palm Beach County home and lost it in foreclosure. "

Michel Martelly's Campaign Manager, Mr. Damian Merlo, stated: "the candidate was victim of a tanked economy and failed investments he did not manage personally.

Does this demonstrate a lack of management skill on the part of Michel Martelly?

Is this something that could have happened to any investor as the real estate market went down?

Is the candidate in more financial problems than we know?

So many questions!

What is your take on this?

Source: miamiherald.com

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Rene Tet Fret says...

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09-39-93-05-01-1 Ecole

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Basdos says...

I think it is completely idiot to want to have anybody for life as president.

Do you understand what is happening in the middle east right now. Regimes that have been around too long and refusing any type of change.

Because when somebody has been in power for too long, this interferes with change and it is easy for corruption to take place.

Democracy is 50% about process.

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N.c. says...

so what he lost 3 houses.

it happened to many millionaires, even donald trump lost some properties.

the best thing of all Martelly is still a big

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Wilfrid St Urbain says...

I know Miche Martelly, from the day he came to this world.

He is the one capable to make the change that Haiti so badly

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Odee says...

I'm with you 100% he is the only

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Luis says...

Martelly's main problem is not because he has lost three houses in Miami, the key is that thsi man knows nothing about how to deal with political situations.

We all know him as musician, but where is his bacground as politician.

I'm not going to vote because i live in the Dominican Republic, but in case that i'de have the opportunity to, i think that i wouldn't do it for him. Maybe he has a lot of great intentions for the country, but a country does not handle with great intentions.

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M Lamothe says...

The lady has been there in the right political position for more than a half century.

What has she done, what is she going to do as president that she could not have done before.

This man, Michel Martelly have obviously no experience in politic, but Mirlande Manigat has, and she has not done nothing significant for the people.

Many of "big" and much more smart people, like Donald Thrump, big stars like Michael Jackson, who have multitude of Attorneys, CPA, personal Bankers have lost their properties during this crunch time. Why is it a big deal for a man of a small statute, who barely move to the US. Who probably have no understanding of the banking or real state law in this

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Genda says...

People of my Land! Think before voting this time! The man is an Artist not a politician! Here's your proof! He cannot manage his own financial and you people expect him not manage a country! Please stop been so gullible.

Give the old Lady a chance to at lease prove a Woman can do

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Prelas says...

The question we all shoul ask where did he get all that money to purchase thosehouses in first place?

How many haitian musicians are wealthy?

Let just live our passion behind and be real. We all know his part with Michel Francois during the "coup d'etat de 91".

It's up to the haitan people to decide, but clearly, in a moral and intellectual point of vue we all should qustion urselves about the future of this country with this

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Jamey says...

Is it only michel affected with this real state problem I don't think so there is more and more people has more money than michel they have nothing right now. So everybody has Problem even me I lost my house too

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