RE: Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

Petit-homme - April 20 2016, 4:59 PM

"Whites" in Haitian Vodou have started a smearing the name of Joseph F. Coma
These whites are know trouble makers in Haitian Vodou and their god mother is known for selling the asson for $10,000. To anyone with a dollar.

Beware of these snakes brother.

Labelle Deessee and her white Kristian Moe have started kicking dirt on your name in a white Vodou Facebook group.

I have screen shots.

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Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

The national Conference of haitian Vodoouisants (KNVA) has eledted a new Ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Coma was chosen to become the new head of...

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