RE: Is it true that Nicolas Duvalier is a Candidate?

Palm Beach Haitian Heroes - November 2 2018, 1:05 PM

Gérard and Nancy Férère


Yesterday, 3:31 PM

Lafontant email (tiden [at];

Lafalaise Marc (mlafalaise [at];
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Dear Marc Lafalaise, Jacques Lafontant, Carl Fombrun, and Jean-Claude Roy

Hereafter is my answer to Mr. Samuel Pierre concerning the neo-macoute shameless event he dares sponsor.

Your being among the leaders of the Haitian community, I am inviting you to join me and take the leadership of the boycott of that outrageous and insulting slap in the face of the diaspora.

Hereafter, my answer to Mr. Pierre.

Dear Mr. Pierre,

Considering my five incarcerations in the Duvalier jails, considering my execution order on April 26, 1963, considering the murder of my brother-in-law together with 40,000 other victims, considering the dozens of massacres organized by the Duvaliers for 29 years, considering the evil dictatorship that caused so much harm from which Haiti still has not recovered, your sponsorship of this event is totally unacceptable.

Prepare yourself for serious backlash from the Haitian community.

Shame on you!

Gerard Ferere, Ph.D.

Author of Armée d'HaÍti après Magloire et Hitlérisme Duvaliérien.

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For Immediate Release West Palm Beach, FL (November...

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