RE: All Haitian Passengers Are To Be Screened For Cholera

Jean - November 4 2010, 12:05 PM

i just think the world is just try to cover all they shit by making a big deal about haiti when ever they have a chance...cholera is beein around for a long time as far as healh concern it was a matter of time before it gets to us, now is there instead of helping us get ride of it they try to see how can they put this one on us too, just like they did with sa nou pap potel"se sou mango mi dan pouri gen fos'F'''ck, jamaica governement if that a way for them to prove they better we cant change history first black republic...that's what they hating on...god bless haiti.

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All Haitian Passengers are to be screened for cholera

This is breaking news. All persons from Haiti are to be screened before being allowed to enter the country. The Director of Emergency Management and...

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