Haitian government asking for help to put Jean-Claude Duvalier on trial

Mitch - March 29 2011, 6:16 AM

Haitian Justice minister, Andre Antoine said that judges in Haiti do not have adequate training to handle such a case and that they will be most likely to loose against a well funded defence by Jean-Claude Duvalier.

In addition, Justice minister Andre Antoine admitted that the Haitian Justice system is weak and for a case of international importance like this, we would have to take appropriate measures to show a fair and impartial trial

He would want the trial of Jean-Claude Duvalier to be used as an example to all dictators.

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Balewouze Lisentibon says...

I totally agree with the whole concept of this message. I want to mention that there are many who want Aristide and Preval to be put on trial also. So, let us start with... more »

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