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Do you think that he wants to do campaign with Celestin?On what basis the Electoral council would let him do that? more »
Julio De Castri, 11/12/15 11:31 AM
au moin yo pa en exil si yo trouve travail et yo vle fais on tour la caill yom capab aller et tounin more »
Shime, 11/11/15 8:14 PM
Bravo Brazil that's very good god bless the government and Brazil thanks again more »
Bertha Bouquet, 11/11/15 7:53 PM
Hell do. That is not what the country needs. more »
Nestor Mateo, 11/11/15 12:38 PM
bris sapat parole tafia tout noune ce victim a la de coze papa more »
Shime, 11/10/15 8:08 PM
monster with no brain SAVAGES, DONT YOU THINK SO more »
Marc, 11/10/15 4:10 PM
vilaire duroseau li ce pas fou selment li fou li enrager moin pas jamais tande non ca ou croi li pa nan noune qui fait o.oo point more »
Shime, 11/10/15 9:45 AM
on ban noune fanatic fais yo aveugle et fou Maryse president nan tabartou biennan lopital Moise president nan Citadelle ce 2 noune qui te gain chance aprea tout lot noune yo fou... more »
Shime, 11/10/15 7:57 AM
Now, we understand what is democracy for some people when we don't even have right to stand up for our legitimate opinion. We become uglier no matter our paint. The blood of a... more »
Thelemaque Florvil, 11/07/15 4:00 PM
We need to pray for haitian people s.. We need peace..Chalom Chalom Chalom.god help us.. more »
Michelle Lapomarede, 11/07/15 10:51 AM
Ce monsieur a simplement donné acte à la population suffrageante de sa qualité de choix.... Le candidat. Compte tenu de sa formation et de ses vues politiques... more »
Philippe Elie, 11/06/15 2:27 PM
Politically Haiti is not a safe environment and can't not be moved forward without the help and assistance provided by the international community. more »
Pierre, 11/06/15 11:14 AM
I am very proud of her achievements. more »
Carine, 11/06/15 8:20 AM
revolte generale.....pou yon revolution totale....Grenadiers a L assaut... pou nou ak bann makout volo sa yo..bann makout piyed pays sa yo.... aba grangou klorox...aba la vie... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 11/05/15 9:03 PM
Jacky Dessalines, 11/05/15 8:17 PM
Either way, they will go down in infamy, because they never inspired trust or any other redeeming values. Except of course for Mr Nehemy Joseph. more »
Kool Groove, 11/05/15 12:48 PM
C'est une desolation et c'est la transcendence de son coté. Il fait preuve de grandeur d'ame et de courage politique. Pour moi, il est deja classé parmi les hommes... more »
Ramel Altidort, 11/04/15 8:34 AM
Well,at this point the wisest thing to do is to wait for the electoral council to give the true results of the election. We do hope the give us the exact results. more »
Julio De Castro, 11/03/15 3:29 PM
the New York Attorney General should also investigate and prosecute the newspaper New York Pennysaver for its active role and participation in accepting and printing the ad. more »
Yvan, 11/01/15 1:59 PM
Is this from taxpayers money or what? more »
Philippe Elie, 10/28/15 5:05 PM

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