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this issues should be raise with the head of the PNH. more »
Raymond Lafontant Jr, 02/10/16 2:34 PM
very difficult. the national palace has it own guard USGPN and a special team. how could people enter and looting. difficult. more »
Raymond Lafontant Jr, 02/08/16 6:24 PM
Today, some 212 years later, Haitians are showing the world that "Yes, it can be done". Justice must prevail! It is time for a real change in Haiti. People can handle so much... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 02/07/16 10:31 AM
En cas de vacance présidentielle pour quelle que raison que se soit, le president de la cour de cassation doit assurer l'intérim. more »
Isidore St Albert, 02/05/16 2:49 PM
Kote moun ki renmen Ayiti yo, lape, pwogre ak estabilite. Annoy antann nou rekonsilye yon ak lot; annoy konstri ansanm pou nou kiye yon meye sosyete pou jenerasyon kap monte yo! more »
Julio De Castro, 02/05/16 12:34 PM
the filthy hogs known as the Clintons are trying once again to occupy the white house to further ruin this nation and to continue keeping a grip on the island of Haiti. Clinton... more »
Ernst Ford, 02/03/16 7:56 PM
tet kale coupe zero qui coute 10 centimes,egal zero barre..==le cretinisme///////// more »
Mecene L, 01/30/16 4:11 PM
It s a very good idea that the haitians should take themselves, but Mr Penn feels like they don't care about their own skin so he is trying it.something to encourage.politicians... more »
Francy Fermilien, 01/29/16 7:51 PM
The fact that Jocelerme-Privert didn't involve in any mess that was occurred during sweet Micky government; therefore it should be the one who should replace sweet Micky after... more »
Cesar Jeanjacques, 01/27/16 7:07 PM
What do Caribbean people hate to find in their mailboxes? Haiti mail. more »
Oliver, 01/27/16 2:39 PM
moin pa presque tende nlou ca qui ap passer nou te pi actif more »
Shime Leroy, 01/26/16 9:26 AM
Gon seri moun ki pap leve ti dwèt yo si se pa lòd yo resevwa. Nou konnen se lòd G.P t ap egzekite lè li te mete ak etranje pou batay kont gouvènman... more »
Defilee Laplanche, 01/25/16 2:20 PM
Se pa sa mwen tande more »
Anorve Belizaire, 01/24/16 11:02 PM
haitien ce detruion qui le nou a va fait on pas en avant men sou la mer haitien fai manifestation e bien min resultat manifestation t more »
Shime Leroy, 01/20/16 9:00 PM
Je suis Jamesson ce programme me plait je m'interesse a lui, je parle francais creole,espagnol, portugais, anglais mon email est jamessonhaiti [at] et mon numero est... more »
Jamesson, 01/17/16 9:41 PM
Yolette Mengual needs to go to jail for bribery because she was one of the six disgraceful members that the CEP had. Hopefully, the mockery justice of Haiti finally will find her... more »
Cesar Jeanjacques, 01/15/16 5:00 PM
My congratulations go out to Mr. Jocelerme Privert and his staffs because this is the only way to get control of the drug dealers and the kidnappers who stole the election... more »
Cesar Jeanjacques, 01/15/16 4:53 PM
It makes no sense to a lot of people, how could Celestin be happy and believe he has the Cep where he wanted them by excluding himself from the runoff? more »
Andre Mcbean, 01/15/16 8:51 AM
This is idiot by the name of laleau gives these classless CEP as raise. It is sad because the Haitian people can't get a free bottle of water just to say the least. more »
Cesar Jeanjacques, 01/15/16 6:52 AM
you say it like this FELISITASYON! ME KONPLIMAN! CHAPO BA! more »
India, 01/14/16 11:54 AM

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