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RE: Look at one of the kidnappers attending Lencie Mirville funeral

I do not believe in capital punishment,but I don't thing these guys deserve to live. more »

RE: Eske Jean Bertrand Aristide te kapab yon Nelson Mandela?

He could be, but he had a totally different vue.I'm hopping that in a near furture we'll have a Nelson Mandela, it's a need for the country and its people. more »

RE: Rape Victim testified to be Slapped from 20 to 30 Times by Josue Pierre-Louis - (VIDEO)

If what I heard from Mr Pierre Louis is true,This lady deserves to be punished for perjury,in the other hand if Josue Pierre Louis committed the crime witch is a possibility,He... more »

RE: Images of the improved Toussaint Louverture International Airport

J'ai ete temoin oculaire,Je suis revenu d'Haiti la semaine derniere;notre aeroport est un joyau. more »

RE: Jacmel Reacted on Jean Marie Patrice Etienne's slaying and Jorry Maxy's Kidnapping

Cest hoorrible que notre Haiti soit deveue un jungle. more »

Re: Official Cabinet Composition Of Prime Minister Garry Conille

La nomination du cabimet ministeriel est considere comme un autre pas vers un heureux denoument des affaires publiques de notre teritoire Je souhaite bonne chance au nouveu... more »

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