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RE: Sharp increase in insecurity in Haiti as violent deaths doubled within a month

Until the Haitian government take full responsibility,working for Haitian not for Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton it's going to stay like that.Do you know we have more oil than... more »

RE: What ever happened to the Peanut Donation to Haiti?

How come you people can not understand,when they come to Haiti they are not there to help instead they are in Haiti to take our gold,our oil and many more remember it happened... more »

RE: What ever happened to the Peanut Donation to Haiti?

That's not what Haiti really need at this time,If they really want to help us,they need to help us grow our own things otherwise they need to get out our beautiful land more »

RE: Black Lives Matter answering to the call from Haiti

I would say Haitian lives matter more »

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