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Haiti needs a hybrid dictator, someone to rule with an iron fist, said Pras Michel

I totally agreed with you. We really need someone whith hands made of iron to govern us. You are completely right. more »

: ..... and the winner for Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year, Klass

That's nice to hear, it is sweet to be awarded for such a hard work, well deserved Klass. KLASS IT IS BABY. more »

Haitian volunteers banned from going to African countries to fight Ebola

How dare an haitian can be to say that this is a bad decision! We do not have nothing at all, if an haitian brings that virus in the country we would be like africa, Ebola would... more »

Haiti National Dialogue has began, to what end?

Even though there hypocrites in the crowd, you cannot avoid them. I think hypocrites exist in all government around the world. This a good example. Thank you so much President more »

2014 Kanaval, "Tet Kole" or "Tet Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm

Toulimen ou poko janm bon. Lavalas pa nan batay e li pap janm nan batay.Mwen ka fe tout ko fanmiy mwen avek zanmi mwen vote pou tet kale, lavalas te sou pouvwa pandan plizye ane... more »

RE: Moise Jean-Charles urges Civil disobedience and Not to pay Tax

Tonne kraze, mwen se neg nord, men neg sa yo bay pou Moise la pa vo anyen ditou, sa fe wont vre pou moun lakay, bon mwen menm mwen wont anpil, ti pep la kap peye tout demagoji yo... more »

RE: Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest

Could anyone tell me what is number two means on the news? I can't believe what it makes me think about. more »

RE: Testimonial emails received from current Newsletter Subscribers

Mr. Roland De ma part je suis fier de vous, fier de vos travail, merci pour toutes les bonnes informations que vous m'avez envoyees. Continuez ce beau travail, le peuple est a... more »

RE: The phenomenon of "Rache Manyok" in Haiti, a perpetual movement

We better stop the Rache Manyok now, we have been though too many situations like that and the results have not been good. The poor massive will pay the consequences. I am sorry... more »

RE: Miss World Philippines Megan Young accident in Haiti - Live Video

We look too bad, just a stand! we cannot provide a stand! I do not believe it. more »

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